Turning a new leaf

golden sunrise!

golden sunrise!

Picture this:

-waking up at 0430 so you can prepare and have breakfast with your husband when you used to come home around that same time from being “out” with friends

-leaving home at 0730 so you can be at work by 0800 – when you used to leave home at 0830.

-you commute to work during rush hour (plus 3 big highschools within 1km radius from where we live) and have to walk from your “drop” to the office, some 1.75kms away, in the nasty heat of the dry season’s sun that you arrive at work sweaty and smelly at times, all before you start your workday.

-you are at work and you ACTUALLY WORK! no more Facebooking, or 9gag or Buzzfeed…only emails and Skype messages, because the boss in on Skype and it is easier to communicate that way.

-emails are 99% about work! no more chain mails and forwarded funny emails (those are restricted to FB and other social media, when you get your fix), even your Spam folder contents do not multiply so much anymore. you actually look forward to emails containing stuff you can use for work, ugh.

-you barely have time to facetime with your family anymore, as when you get home from work, they are already in deep slumber, around midnight or a little after. no more unscheduled Google videochats, these are usually done on weekends now.

-and when you get home, you are deadtired from the 8-9 hours of hardwork, and the horrible commute during rush hour that you just want to sleep.


> you have a wonderful husband who does most of the work at home because he understands how tired you are and sometimes even offers a massage when he thinks you need it;

> you have a wonderful job that gives you great satisfaction psychologically, emotionally and intellectually (and yes, even socially!), who pays well, never mind the extra hours sometimes

> your boss appreciates all your hard work 🙂 major extra points for this! and your colleagues are very welcoming and friendly.

> there is still FB and Googletalk and Skype to “talk” to loved ones so far away – you get updated on chismis pa! LOL! although i wish i would have more time for this like before!

> all that walking (huffing and puffing and sweating!) and traveling to/from the field for work has actually done wonders for your physique – you are surprised to see that you have lost some 10kgs from since you arrived back in April. yayy!

I guess what i am saying is that some months back this is exactly what we have been praying for, my husband and me (he always gives the best prayers for us and the family “back home”). And I/we got it finally. I am sure that our prayers, plus the efforts of my sister who never fails to lift me up from my slump, and the family who always prays for us here greatly helped.

So YES, I am just happy and grateful for all the blessings we continue to receive. Turning a new leaf or not, I am grateful. ^_^