2010- New House! and a lot of other things :)

i have been remiss in posting on/in this blog – have not had good internet since October last year and frankly, i had been really really busy at work.

have loads to share like the Mt Cameroon trip back in January (we were on the summit – 4,095metres – on New Year’s Day!) where we saw an elephant in the wild after stalking him (it was a male-lephant teeehehehehe) and his poo for a few hours. we managed to play paparazzi on him too! kulang na lang mega-close up lens hahaha. we were quiet kasi they are apparently very aggressive (sabi ni guide Ferdinand). the craters of 1998 were amazing! kakaiba talaga ang landscape ng Cameroon – mountains, rainforest, savannah, lava stones, etc. it had been worth the fatique and stress and gastos! thanks to Bill who organized the whole trip – no one could have done it better ^_^

also i moved into a new house right beside the old one – my Mayor’s idea, not mine – and the first time i saw it i already wanted to move in. hahahahaha – it was lovely! kahit na the doors dont fit, okay pa din. i saw the shiny red floor and the master’s bedroom and i was sold! so right after my trip to Yaounde (went there twice!) during the first week of March, i moved in. the GIT boys helped me with the heavier stuff like the beds (yes i have two!) and the sofa set, while the landlord’s 5 kids and some other kids i am friends with, helped me with everything else.

work had been good – we have been receiving visitors since January and honestly, this “entertaining” is already taking its toll on us. masaya naman to entertain because we are the “role model” for institutional development here and we get to received study tourists from other regions, pero naman! kailangan din namin ng pahinga! can’t believe this thing would be so much work.

downside, laptop crashed two weeks ago. i need a new one, seriously. there goes my meager savings here 😦

also been ninang to two more kids this year and its only the firstquarter!!! one to a tall, lanky girl, Brenda (who is taller than me!!!) and my lovely Joy ^_^.

princewill can now walk – i am a proud mama ^_^

spent Easter weekend in Jakiri with Ate Fronie and Ryan – we had, tadaaaaaaa! lechon kawali! hahaha