okay so i was checking out wordpress and i clicked on a random article featuring “emoji”. the Japanese have this penchant for all things cutesy and for today i got sucked into it 😂 wahahaha (i hope this shows)

let’s try it again 🍔🍩🍡🍜🚙 okay so that’s a lot!


okay it does work! i will start using them now on Facebook. mwahahahaha!😈👹🍭



home for 7 weeks now. started therapy day after i arrived and so far so good.

getting bored most of time. but love being with family.

enjoying all the food i’ve been missing whilst in Cameroon, but hating what it’s doing to my waistline.

3 more months of this.

meanwhile….we celebrated the parents’ 41st. ❤

cake for the parents