lechon kawali weekend

lechon kawali

lechon kawali

tried to make lechon kawali again. this time it looked and tasted really good. cheat weekend so we’re allowed to eat meat 🙂

i made my usual toyo + balsamic vinegar sawsawan. nommmm!


Pawpaw smoothie

made papaya smoothie this morning. perfect for breakfast :)

made papaya smoothie this morning. perfect for breakfast 🙂

we got 6 papayas from the market yesterday and one was already over-ripe. thought that it’d be better to blend it than to throw it away.

1 solo papaya

1 cup of fresh milk

2 tbsps honey

juice from 1 lime.

blend it all in and enjoy its goodness ❤

sooo, 2013 na pala.

I can’t believe my laziness – last post was a year ago.

Okay I can blame the weak internet connection, and the fact that i keep forgetting my passwords for this blog. Lola momentS. Yes madaming madaming beses na.

So, dahil 2013 na at last quarter of the year soon, i think i better shape up and exercise my fingers and brain (at least what’s left of it) again. Blog na nga lang eh. wenk wenk.

Now what to blog about?

-the weather? duh, unless i lived in Canada or in Europe where the weather’s more ‘newsworthy’.

-my little life as a (relatively new) wife? uh, i do want some semblance of privacy in this blog, pero sige i will “share” some bits here and there.

-cooking? maybe. although my kitchen adventures are not THAT interesting. i do have my sipag moments cooking for the hubby et moi, but again, inconsistent pa din.

-Cameroon’s quirks? yes definitely, if and when i find something that interests me, or something funny enough to talk about. Pwede.

-how i miss Manila and my family? yes, that too.

Okay, i think we got everything covered. First post for 2013 down. Let’s see where this takes us.

I need to change my heading though – hindi na relevant.