black sesame ice cream

tadaaa! black sesame ice cream

tadaaa! black sesame ice cream

2 weeks ago i found black sesame seeds at our local supermarket. it is quite hard to find here in cameroon (the white variety that i use for cooking is more), so when i saw it i grabbed a pack and began hunting for ice cream recipes on the net.

i was inspired by food blogs i read and of course i really want to make something different — so, black sesame ice cream!

got the recipe from some random site but there was one rule i didn’t follow – i didn’t grind the seeds too much (to powder form, that is) because i wanted something that i can bite in my ice cream.

does not photograph well (it’s grey and looks more like pounded ash or vulcaseal – accdg to one friend haaha), but i assure you, this was delish!!! so yummehhh ❤


lechon kawali weekend

lechon kawali

lechon kawali

tried to make lechon kawali again. this time it looked and tasted really good. cheat weekend so we’re allowed to eat meat 🙂

i made my usual toyo + balsamic vinegar sawsawan. nommmm!

Pawpaw smoothie

made papaya smoothie this morning. perfect for breakfast :)

made papaya smoothie this morning. perfect for breakfast 🙂

we got 6 papayas from the market yesterday and one was already over-ripe. thought that it’d be better to blend it than to throw it away.

1 solo papaya

1 cup of fresh milk

2 tbsps honey

juice from 1 lime.

blend it all in and enjoy its goodness ❤